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RUGER 77/44
  • Caliber-.44 MAG
  • Diameter-1.25”
  • Length-20”
  • Weight-6.2 lbs.
Suggested Retail: $2195
Internally Suppressed
Complete weapon. Weapon disassembles for cleaning. Custom Conversions available on Ruger 77/44 or Camp Carbines.

When reliability and affordability are a must, the Ruger® M77® Hawkeye® bolt-action rifle is an instant classic. Built with versatility, style and performance in mind, these rifles meet the challenges of hunters throughout the world. Offering shooters a host of functional enhancements that provide rewarding shooting experiences - slim ergonomics and the LC6™ trigger - Ruger M77 Hawkeye rifles will impress knowledgeable shooters with their performance-improving features.

In addition, these bolt-action rifles contain all the value-added characteristics of yesterday’s Ruger rifles: positive floor plate latch, integral scope mounts, three-position safety, and of course, they’re made in America. All of these innovations, combined with legendary Ruger reliability, are features that big game hunters from Africa to Alaska can feel.

The fully suppressed M77/44 provides the hunter with an ultra quiet rifle with the knockdown power of a big bore. The larger barrel moves the center of balance forward, providing stability and a smooth, controlled swing. For more information on the M77, visit